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Drop Shipping

As a manufacturer, importer and wholesale distributor, FASHOSTYLE LTD has started with the DROP SHIPPING model as well across UK and Europe, in order to showcase their premium leather products to a wider base of clientele.

How FASHOSTYLE – Drop Shipping works

Drop shipping is an efficient and cost-effective retail method that allows you as a retailer to promote items that you don’t need to hold in your own warehouse. Fewer overheads cost and it works out mutually beneficial for both the drop shipper and the retailer.

By partnering with us you will be able to ‘stock’ an item in your online store, advertise it without the effort or worry of packaging demands and delivery fulfillment.

Once an order has been placed, you inform us and we will do all the rest, packaging it and sending the product out to your customer.

How Drop Shipping Can Benefit You

Drop shipping has a number of advantages to you as a retailer: –

Less Capital Requirement: Drop shipping allows you financial freedom with your stock. With less in your inventory your basic operating costs are reduced and you only need to purchase a product when you have an order to fill.

Lower Risk: With less physical stock to deal with, your inventory/warehouse costs and risks are reduced. This means you can place investment into other areas of the business.

Wider Products Selection: With drop shipping you can offer a wider stock to your customers without compromising your limited physical inventory, which will allow you to satisfy a larger proportion of customers.

Highly Scalable: With drop shipping, growing your business is easier than ever. There’s no need to increase your warehouse size.

Customization: You can ship to your customers with a return address and invoice customized to you and your online store.

Frees You Up: By using a drop shipping service, you can focus on the other elements of your business that require nurturing such as marketing and your customer service, thus enabling you to grow more efficiently.

Trusted and Popular: Many online shops now offer products they source through drop shipping.

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